For all appointments and enquiries, please call (02) 9874 9002.
Our receptionist will ask you some basic questions to book you into our rooms, and may ask why you would like to come and see your surgeon so that we can establish the urgency of the appointment.
For your first consultation, please be sure to bring:
  • your Medicare Card, and details of any private health insurance you may hold. (and pension card or DVA Gold card if you have one)
  • your GP referral letter (advise our receptionist before your appointment if your doctor has sent this to the clinic directly).
  • any relevant medical imaging reports which you have access to (such as X-rays, ultrasounds or CT reports), and results of blood tests or biopsies. (you may need to check with your doctor to ensure you have all necessary results)
It is also helpful to have a list of your current medications and past medical history. Much of this information is often included on your GP referral letter.
Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment for registration. 
Consultation Fees
Consultation fees are payable on the day of the appointment.
There are Medicare rebates available with a valid doctor’s referral which will be processed by our receptionist upon payment for your convenience.
Pensioner concession card holders are significantly discounted.
  • Initial consultation - $240 (Medicare rebate $78.05)
  • Follow up consultation - $120 (Medicare rebate $39.25)
  • Pension concession card holder – Initial consultation $160/ Follow up $80 
Local Procedure Fees
Dr Woo performs minor procedures under local anaesthesia at his practice facilities. The excision of skin lesions or lipoma will attract a gap of $300 - $500 and vasectomy will cost about $500 out of pocket after claiming Medicare rebate.
The cost of local procedures covers the cost of our disposable equipment, local anaesthetic, sutures, and dressings.
Operation Fees (Fees for private operation)
There is no fee for any elective or emergency operation performed in a public hospital.
Dr Woo does charge a “Gap” up to $500 for some surgical procedures but no gap for gastroscopy/colonoscopy if you elect to use your private health insurance.
Many private health insurers charge their members an “excess” for the first time a claim is made on the policy each year. You should contact your private health insurance company to have any excess fee clearly explained.
There are other costs such as anaesthetist fee, surgical assistant fee, and fees for x-ray or blood tests performed in the hospital which will mostly be covered by the insurance.
Post-operative appointment at the rooms is included.
Dr Woo will discuss at the time of consultation and provide informed financial consent for all private procedures.


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic (TEP) repair of inguinal hernia

Umbilical hernia repair


Bowel preparation instructions


Lipoma excision

Sebaceous cyst excision

Excision of skin lesions


Pilonidal Cyst Excision

Ingrown toenail surgery

Ganglion Cyst Excision

Carpal Tunnel Release

Anal Fistula Surgery

Anal fissure surgery



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